Tracy Anderson: AIA

Founding Partner

When Tracy co-founded AKA in 2002, he’d already gained 13 years of experience in the architectural field — but his fascination started well before that. He remembers first being interested in building design in fourth grade and setting his sights on an architectural career right then. Years later, Tracy still finds excitement in the trenches — the tracing paper and pens, the side-by-side collaboration and on-site visits.

Within the big picture, Tracy works toward company growth and finding the right talent to further the success of AKA and provide exceptional client service. He also seeks architects and designers who can make an impact on the community through their profession, which is a passion for Tracy. He consistently demonstrates his unwavering commitment to sharing his ideas for enhancing communities and has an unrelenting passion for crafting spaces and places that create an improved quality of life for everyone.

Tracy is a board member of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce, a committee member of the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation Strategic Initiatives Committee and a member of the Manhattan Parks and Rec Foundation. He is the founder of Just Tri It, a youth triathlon in Manhattan, Kansas, promoting fitness and self-confidence.

If you are inspired to enhance the lives of the people who live, work and gather in the spaces we create, contact us.