2024 Art Competition


AKA Art Competition is for students interested in revealing their artistic talents through a photography, digital, and/or fine art. This contest is designed to encourage artists to promote design and the industry of architecture in an artistic form. Winning art piece will be featured on an enlarged panel at the entry of the 2505 Anderson Avenue Lot for the duration of one year.


Participants may enter up to one (1)
Artwork must be an original piece, completed only by the artist submitting the Art cannot be a copy of anyone else’s copyrighted material.
Art must be submitted as a 300 dpi digital file (high resolution scan or picture if it is a physical piece) on a PDF, JPEG, TIFF that is landscape orientation with a scale of 2:1. An example size would be 24” wide x 12” Final art will be scaled up to a panel size that is 8’ wide and 4’ high.
Submitted entry must include Name of Artist, Age, Grade in School, Name of Piece, list original media used, Date of Competition, short description of the piece, and contact information.
Do not send images of artwork with a frame or contains
Artist must be in grades 9-12 to be
Anderson Knight Architects reserves the right to crop or color correct final image for enlargement and printing purposes.
Submitted artwork is subject for use by Anderson Knight Deadline: May 30, 2024

Submit entries to: Lauren Metheny


Artists will be notified by June 15th

Theme for 2024: Future Horizons: Innovations in Progress

This theme name hints at exploring future possibilities, innovations, and the ongoing progress driven by technology.

Award $1000 for winning piece, 2 - $250 honorable mention awards